Seletar Aerospace Park – The Oval

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If you are looking for fun yet educational activities to entertain your kids, the Oval at the Seletar Aerospace Park has opened an aeroplane themed playground. The beautifully designed layout consists of various play areas, green spacious land and views of an actual airport runway. This unique feature will get young ones so excited to be close to major jets. Learn more about this free and safe environment where your children can simply have a blast.


Kids have tons of energy, but often finding the right place for them to play can become a stretch. The Oval is a large well maintained estate that has been converted into a major playpark located next to the airport. The entire playground has an airplane theme including swing sets shaped as old war planes and an air control tower complementing the old-world character of the facility.


All swings and entertainment sets are uniquely designed for young children and toddlers.


The sets include wall climbing features and fun slides that provide endless fun and excitement for all kids. A large Ludo game mat is included for young ones who are interested in playing with their parents.


Miniature plane rides for younger children are safe and offers hours of entertainment.


An outdoor passage running behind a secure fence and parked planes is lined with benches allowing families to view some of the aircraft or watch a large plane take off.


The estate houses many restaurants including Wheelers Estate, the sister of the popular Wheeler’s Yard cafe.


It is conveniently located right beside the playground and parents are able to enjoy a drink or two while keeping an eye on your little ones.


Another favourite eatery would be the multi-duplex Summerhouse that has become popular as a wedding venue owing to its lush surrounds, beautiful garden and pergola.



The edible garden on the ground floor of the Summerhouse is curated by Edible Garden City. It champions the “Grow Your Own Food” movement in Singapore. The facility has stated that its back-to-basics approach also allows the use of herbs harvested from an in-house garden, in their dishes. This offers an educational platform for the kids as they learn about the different herbs that are used to make these interesting and flavorful dishes.


The opportunity to entertain young minds while ensuring that they are having fun can be achieved with a visit to the Seletar Aerospace playground. The environment is easy to navigate through available maps helping you find your way around. Children can have the time of their lives watching the planes take off or picking up a bite to eat from an all-natural and edible garden. You can find different activities within a safe environment offering a uniquely designed aerospace park. The SAP has become a family favorite so do not waste time planning your next trip.

*Check out the video below for a more comprehensive review



Seletar Aerospace Park – The Oval

3 Park Ln, Singapore 798387

10mins away from Punggol by car

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